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Environmental Law

Boulder, Colorado, Environmental Risk Management and Remediation Attorneys

At PackardDierking we place great emphasis on helping clients deal with environmental issues related to business and real estate transactions. Attorneys at our law firm have in-depth knowledge of environmental law and can help clients make informed decisions to manage environmental risks. If our clients encounter an environmental problem, we offer efficient legal counsel to help mitigate the harm through remedial activities.

Lawyers Who Know Environmental Risk Management

Most transactions require contractual management of the associated or resulting environmental risks. At PackardDierking we assist clients with environmental risk management and with a wide variety of other environmental concerns, including purchasing or selling real estate with known or unknown environmental problems and management, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances. We regularly work with environmental engineers and represent some environmental firms doing that work.

Experienced Attorneys Offering Environmental Remediation Guidance

When clients encounter an actual environmental problem, we can assist them in complying with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, with management of the remedial activity in as practical a manner as feasible, and with alternatives that may be available to recoup some or all of the expense of remediation.