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Open Space and Conservation Easements

Conservation easements and open space are frequently very highly valued in Colorado. PackardDierking is proud of our expertise in this area of law. We represent private landowners in the sale of farm and ranch properties for open space purposes and other land conservation transactions with local, state and federal governmental agencies.

Our experienced lawyers also represent private landowners and non-profit land trusts in the negotiation, drafting, due diligence, and closing of conservation easements and other land conservation transactions. We can answer your questions regarding open space and conservation easements and provide knowledgeable counsel about Colorado and federal law.

Open Space and Conservation Easements: Options for Solid Tax Planning

Properly structured open space and conservation easements can have favorable tax advantages, such as potential deductions for charitable contributions and federal and state tax credits. The PackardDierking attorneys who focus on these types of tax planning are ready to help you make informed decisions about open space and conservation easement strategies. We handle open space and conservation easement matters throughout the state of Colorado, and offer informed counsel to answer your questions about tax planning and charitable contributions related to open space and conservation easements.