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Boulder, Colorado, Lawyers

At the law office of PackardDierking we practice law with the purpose of providing exceptionally responsive, creative, and practical solutions to your problems. We are a small law firm with big law firm credentials. Our attorneys have been recognized for high academic achievement and excellence in the practice of law. They bring a variety of skills to your case, helping them to solve your legal concerns creatively and effectively. Working in a small setting, they provide you with responsive communication and flexible services addressing your unique needs.

  • Commercial real estate: At PackardDierking we have years of experience assisting clients with commercial real estate matters including purchase and sale, leasing and management, real estate finance, and 1031 transactions.
  • Land development and use: Our attorneys are experienced in assisting in the legal matters related to land development and use, regardless of the complexity of the project. We work with developers, designers, lenders, and planners to address their legal needs.
  • Corporate transactions: We offer a broad range of assistance for corporate transactions including entity formation and governance, finance, contract drafting, purchase and sale, and technology licensing.
  • Taxation and estate planning: Our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers provide counsel for legal matters related to taxation and estate planning, helping clients to protect assets and plan for the future.
  • Intellectual property: Our attorneys assist clients with trademark, trade secret, and copyright protection, as well as related licensing, distribution, and manufacturing contracts.
  • Open space and conservation easements: Availability of open space is often given high priority in Boulder. We assist our clients by offering knowledgeable legal representation related to open space and conservation easements.
  • General business counsel: At PackardDierking, our attorneys function as general business counsel for business clients seeking skilled and accessible legal representation.
  • Environmental law: We assist clients with environmental contract management and with a wide variety of other environmental concerns, including purchasing or selling real estate with known or unknown environmental problems to management, storage, and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Real estate finance: Our lawyers are knowledgeable about real estate financing for a variety of real estate projects.